About Puppies: Flying Curls Lagotto Romagnolo, Santa Barbara, CA

You may have some questions about the Lagotto Romagnolo particularly as applies to a puppy. If you should be looking for a puppy Flying Curls occasionally has home loved litters and accepts a waiting list; please inquire with a bit about yourself and your interest in the Lagotto for more info!

They are wonderful dogs and do well in families or with singles, they like to be with their people and will often choose to find a spot to lounge under your chair or next to you on the couch. They generally get along well with other pets and household animals as long as they are properly introduced; remember your current pet may not have experience with a puppy. If you have young children remember to supervise, no child should be left alone with a puppy. A Lagotto Romagnolo puppy is rambunctious and can move very fast.

The Lagotto is an active athletic breed.  They are happy and adorable house pets that also revel in work and exercise. These are good dogs for agility, truffle hunting, nose work, tracking,  obedience, dock diving, tricks, therapy and  other canine sports; they are quick to learn and eager to please. They love water and mud and love to retrieve. It’s important that your puppy have regular positive reinforcement and consistent learning of good puppy manners. You will need to teach them your approved way for fun and exercise, what to chew and what not to chew and provide them mental stimulation. A love of solving problems and learning new activities is inherent in their intelligence.

Your puppy will not have tight curls as seen on the adult but will be wavy; the curls develop as they mature with the full adult coat coming in over the first several years. The color of a pup’s coat will also change, an orange coat darken into cream, solid brown puppies change into a light tan with a darker undercoat. A brown and white puppy will change into a mostly brown roan coat.  A puppy with dark brown patches will have its patches turn lighter. Check out this color change comparison chart from the Canadian Lagotto Club. If you are hoping for a particular color be sure and discuss this so you won’t be surprised at how the color changes.

Comes cordis Olympia as a Puppy

Darling Olympia is my first Lagotto Romagnolo; she has an incredible thick curly coat, like soft wool. As a puppy she was bright orange, today she’s a striking cream with orange rimmed eyes and hint of orange on her back, her ears, around her eyes and mouth. Her coat reveals an outline of orange set apart from her cream color. Black is not present in this breed leading to the fading and softening of color with maturity.

Olympia as a puppy at her breeder in Germany

Olympia as a puppy at her breeder in Germany

She came home from Germany with the help of her “godmother”  tucked in a little Sherpa bag under the seat in the airplane. She was all wiggles and happy adventurer from the moment I saw her. Olympia adores people and she quickly lets you know it.

The Lagotto Romagnolo . . . The Italian Truffle-Water Dog

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed:  it may be that they originated along with the Barbet (French Water Dog) in Africa and brought to Europe by the Crusaders. Perhaps they came from trade with the Orient. Landing in the coast of Italy they can been seen in works of art, Andrea Mantegna, 1474, “The Meeting” from Ducal Palace in Montova and Giovanni Francesco Barbieri 1591-1666, “II Guercino” They wore many names in Italy  from Romagnolo Curly Coated Duck Retriever to Romagna Water Dog.  The dogs found a home retrieving water game with their thick almost water poof coat, excellent nose and high drive, working as a wetland retriever in the valleys of Comacchio and the marshlands and lagoons of Ravenna. With the change of culture as lagoons and marshes were dredged the Lagotto found it’s home in searching for truffles for which they excel.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium size sturdy well muscled dog with a rustic appearance baring a life span of 12 to 17 years. Sporting long eyelashes and frequently covered by hair the Lagotto has round shaped expressive eyes from dark yellow to dark brown. Their coat is wooly being densely double coated to be water-repellent in colors from brown, roan, white, off white and orange which may be solid, or commonly mixed with white, brown or orange or in a pattern of patches with the head often a darker color. They will need regular grooming and frequent inspection for stickers and thorns. The breed has thick curved nails for digging which they can also use for clinging onto objects like a tennis ball or a toy. Males range from 28 to 35 pounds at 17 to 19 inches tall, the females from 22 to 31 pounds 16 to 18 inches tall.

The personality of the Lagotto is of an active, cuddly, smart and enthusiastic companion. These are athletic dogs, quick learners, eager to please, adaptable, agile, fast with good endurance. Very fond of mud and water, they are happy runners and jumpers, retrievers, swimmers and scent hunters. Well socialized dogs can live well with other pets and children. Some Lagotto may be shy or reserved with strangers or new situations and it its important to be aware that some lines may have excessive fear. Positive reinforcement methods provide the best training results for their sensitivity and intelligence.

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